Katy Newlin

Newlin | I am a scientist and teacher who is insatiably passionate about our world. A craving to have a deeper understanding of natural phenomena continually motivates me to learn how things work and make that knowledge accessible to anyone through teaching. I work with science and movement, two areas that are unified by a common denominator of an unrelenting desire to explore the unknown by asking ourselves ‘what's there?’

Background | I fell in love with research the first time that I stepped foot into a lab. It was during my freshman year of undergrad that I became enraptured with the idea of searching for answers to the unknown. With an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering, three diverse internship experiences – including NASA – and four years of undergraduate research experience, I knew that I wanted to learn how to think and formulate novel research ideas. I moved from Kentucky to Houston, TX where I obtained my doctorate in Chemical Engineering from the University of Houston. It was there that I became a leading expert in crystallization with a focus on fundamental methods of crystal growth that underlie Malaria towards designing novel antimalarial therapeutics. I yearned for new challenges after, leading me to join one of the top labs at MIT in Boston, MA where I worked on controlling the 3D-spatial organization of cells to reverse Type II Diabetes. Collectively, I have over 10 years’ experience in both academic and industrial environments where I have collaborated with brilliant teams to solve global health challenges by conducting fundamental research.

Travel | Throughout the past year, Fernando and I have traveled from the United States to Canada, Mexico, and back! Having spent most of my life in academia, I yearned to deconstruct classic social structures from my life and set out on a journey to see how the world works. In order to create fully, I wanted to first experience the social and industrial infrastructures underlying our communities. By first learning how and why people thrive the way that they do, I have begun to broaden my perspectives to hopefully one day determine how to generate synchronicity with our world and our own actions.

Teaching | I am currently teaching uniquely designed courses within science, math, and engineering fields. Applying the same motivation, I teach movement practices including outdoor adventures, yoga and meditation in order to question how and why our bodies move and feel in this exact moment. I absolutely love teaching and have over 5 years of teaching experience; I have lectured in university classes, taught hands-on in experimental labs, and tutored high school/college level students in a variety of subjects. I have experience working across a range of ages and tailor my curriculum to target ages as young as 4 years old, as well as extending to advanced concepts with adult clients. All of my classes are small group (< 5 students) settings created to maximize client discussion time, enhance student-teacher interactions, and optimize communication to ensure concept understanding. I am thrilled to teach you or your student! Reach out to initiate your personalized course to continually inspire curiosity and plant the desire to learn! As always, I aspire to continually manifest ideas that allow us to move beyond social normalcy and explore the abnormalities that bring us to life, a life that exceeds our very expectations.



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