We live in accordance with our global perspective. We cultivate our lives by selecting our jobs, lifestyles, cars, and accessories. In this way, our lives become the collective result of our priorities. The impact that we have on everything around us – our family, friends, animals, nature, culture – are derived from how we value each person and the natural world around us.

Life presents us with continual opportunities to see our world and therefore, to become aware. What we do with this awareness creates infinite opportunities for us to change the way that we live with others. Here, I have the chance to show you my view of our world, an invitation to question how you move through society, how we all interact with one another. I believe that through experience and awareness that we have the power to change our impact on the world to develop a necessary self-sustaining today founded on equality.


Everyday Actions to Build a Sustainable World | 2019 Public Talk on Environmental Change


Littered Across the Americas

Everything we touch, use, and employ one day moves on to become waste, our waste. Here is a glimpse into where that waste goes when the infrastructures that we make to manage waste don't measure up.

Isolation in the Grand Tetons

Hiking through the mountain pass, we approached a team of scientists sitting in the middle of the trail staring at the wall. What were the mysterious black eyes that speckled the granite walls? What were the mechanisms of their formation? And are they magnetic?

Festival de las Aves

On the coast of Baja California in Mexico, a festival of the birds erupted alongside the valley of the volcanoes. Where the ocean crashes into rocky coasts, children sang in unison for the land and the animals, teenagers danced traditional cultural expressions for the life that migrates along the coasts, and adults collaborated to harmonize with nature at the Festival of the Birds.

Recommended Books

Books that challenge the way we perceive the world around us by teaching us about our very being.

Everyday sustainable alternatives

Simple solutions that have the power to change your impact on our world. Listed here are items that you can incorporate into your daily routine or might spark an idea of something else!

Trash Gallery

A compilation of images that show a glimpse of the trash created and found by humans throughout our world.

Motivating Examples

Stories, videos, and sources of inspiration that remind us of the work that we all must do. While becoming aware of our social and environmental impacts is an undoubtedly daunting task, often resulting in denial and deferral, humans can show us how to be bold.


Articles, news clippings, websites, and more references that have aided me in learning more about how and why our world works the way that it does.