The practice of movement stems from deeply rooted power. It's the tears, the sweat, the work that we pour into our lives to show up. Whether that be through yoga or hiking, I'm here to facilitate outside and inner movements. I am here to help you design a process, a method to reveal what's already deeply rooted inside. I'm here to promote revealing our inner curiosity and passion to the world.


20 minute Yoga Routine | Post-Run Stretch for Anyone Hamstring and Side Body Flexibility

15 minute Seated Yoga Practice | After Work or School Routine Reset with Gentle Grounding Stretches


Creating a Space without Labels | Meditation for Everyone during Covid-19 and Protests

10 minute Total Mind, Thought, and Body Reset | Guided Meditation for Anyone to Tune Inside

Breath Work to Manage Stressful Times | How to Cope with Emotions and Process through Meditation


Hitchhiking in Patagonia