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    Outdoor Time Tracker for 2022

    Ice Hiking Checklists

    Crowdsourced Favorites & Top Recommendations

    You voted in your favorite US and All-Around favorite National Parks (NP) and the results are in! What’s on your 2022 bucket list?

    Hiking Checklists Designed for Every Outdoor Season

    Depending on when and where you’re going, pick one of these basic gear checklists or create your own!

    Customizable Templates Designed to Suit Your Hiking Goals

    With these fully customizable hiking checklists, you’re set for any upcoming adventure. Just download the image, add your hiking essential items, check it twice, and you’re off! Enjoy.

    US National Park Recommendations

    Places to Hike from Around the World

    More Information & Tools from To The Trails

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    2. Dream big and start planning your next thru-hike and outdoor hike solo, with friends and family, or your furry friend with all links in one place: Resources
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    Want to Learn and Explore More?

    REI designed some checklists for day hikes, backpacking, first aid kits, and more. And their day hiking checklist contains interactive boxes where you can check the list off right AS YOU PACK!

    Hiking in the Smokys gives you another perspective and flavor on hiking essentials and checklists on what to bring with you outside, including pocket knives, multitool, and bandanas: all EXCELLENT recommendations that are super versatile and incredibly handy to have on the trail.

    Prefer a simple and minimal checklist? Best Hiking has your back with its detailed but minimal layout with interactive gear checkboxes. And a spanish version from Andesgear.

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