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  • Incredible Backpacking and Hiking Resources

    Incredible Backpacking and Hiking Resources

    Empowering hiking resources designed to get you to the trail How to Find Places Around You Google It Start with a google search. You can quickly see what trails are directly nearby or for a specific park where you want to explore. Using google maps to find parks, reservations, wildlife protection areas, state parks, or…

  • Astounding US National Parks

    Astounding US National Parks

    Incredible National Parks worth Exploring Choosing to explore a National Park in the US is an amazing decision and one that will likely lead you to pursue more. National Parks are incredible areas of land that have been selected for protection but in a unique way. They are outdoor museums showcasing a hybrid layout where…

  • Top Outdoor Adventure Books

    Top Outdoor Adventure Books

    Dedicating time to reading top outdoor adventure books and becoming inspired by others’ incredible feats is one of the best time investments that you can do for yourself. To The Trails encompasses unique outdoor adventure styles whether it be: Rock climbing Trail running Thru-hiking Star gazing Mountaineering Bird watching Bike touring These are top outdoor…

  • No one Expected to Find this in Grand Tetons National Park

    No one Expected to Find this in Grand Tetons National Park

    Have you ever seen the Bright Eyes Gneiss that speckle the granite walls in Grand Tetons NP, WY? Neither had we! And we would have missed them entirely if it were not for a pack of scientists and outdoor adventurers paused on the trail under the blazing heat to observe these exquisite magnetic spots!

  • A Heartwarming Story from a Festival in Mexico

    A Heartwarming Story from a Festival in Mexico

    Festival de Las Aves: A Migratory Bird Festival in Mexico On the coast of Baja California in Mexico, you watch as a festival for the birds erupt alongside the valley of the volcanoes. Where the ocean crashes into rocky coasts, children sing alongside you, harmonizing in unison for the land and the animals while teenagers…