Episode 8: Spending Time Outside is Easy

Welcome to 2022 where you get to realize all of the ways that you’re already spending time outside. The year starts off strong with social pressures to set lofty resolutions – but have you taken a second to realize all that you already do?

I don’t know about you, but making new years resolutions is not everyone’s thing. whether you love the new year’s lists or not, realizing how much you already do is an amazing motivator. And works in your favor. You see what you have already done and set out to do more.

Let’s start by realizing how we already spend time outside and get some free sheets to track that time spent outside so that you take to the trails more often in 2022.

Different ways to Spend Time Outside

Taking the Trash Out

Yeah, it’s mundane and seen as a chore, but you get the pleasure of being forced to be outside. So why not take the time to pause after you sit down that heavy trash can and notice the birds, trees, or the way that the clouds look.

Walking to Your Car

Also simple and frequent for most of us, but have you realized that you get to spend that time walking to and from your car outside. Can you use those moments to stop and pick up a leaf, realize what the weather actually feels like, and let it inspire you to plan that hike?


This one lets you get outside in the elements while getting your hands dirty. Whether you’re landscaping or letting your yard become wild for the pollinators (an incredible and wayyy less time-consuming idea), redefining that this is time spent outside can be one that you overlook. Getting outside and to the trails doesn’t have to be a hike. It can be a walk to your favorite tree or your own backyard.

Sports Games

Sitting in the bleachers is also time outside. I mean, you’re in the elements, so might as well count it! You get to breathe in the fresh air and get snacks. So count up the hours and take it as a win.

Projects that Get You Outside


Realizing how things can grow in your own backyard just gives you a whole new perspective on the outdoors. Starting a few veggies or flowers in a greenhouse is an amazing way to try a new project and play more outside…especially in the colder winter months or rain.

DIY Project

Try moving your DIY projects outside in the open air rather than inside, in the basement, or in a garage. The wind might make things challenging, but spending time in the sun or snow is an amazing way to just merge being outside with what you want to do.

House Renovations

Renovating part or all of your house can be a huge endeavor and is a great way to spend more time outside. When you have to get things out of the way in order to deconstruct part of your house, take that opportunity to move things outside. Also, simply take your workbench and tools outside even if you need to have them under the deck or an awning for rain/shade purposes.

Spending Time Outside Infographic

Tracking Your Time Outside

Have you realized how much time you actually spend outside? Whether you want to set a goal for 100, 1000, or more hours outside this year, keeping track by coloring or marking in dots on these mandala sheets is a great way to start. You can start with the one below or click the button to find more variations. And explore what else is online because people have crafted some really cool time tracking sheets. You can use them to track how much time you spend outside or for whatever other goals you have for yourself this year.

Regardless of how you choose to spend your time outside in 2022, you are spending that time outside. And that’s what matters. Taking to the trails might look different to each of us, but we’re all outside together.

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